8-Step-Checklists Step 2

Step 2 Checklist

2.1 – What is an Opt-In Page?

tickAlways make a GREAT first impression with your opt-in page.
o Professional
o Modern
o Vibrant
o Inspire confidence
tickThe 3 most important parts of an opt-in page are:
o Headline
o Benefits
o The opt-in box (where they enter their email)

2.2 – Opt-In Page Design

tickAll opt-in pages include the same basic graphical elements:

o Graphics
o Buttons and Arrows
o Badges and Seals
tickOpt-in pages are either visually intensive or benefits intensive.
tickTo take advantage of our natural focal points:
o Keep all important elements above the fold
o Put the opt-in box on the right
o Use high contrast
tickStudy examples in your niche for common design features and model your page on the best examples.

2.3 – What Data to Collect

tick Most opt-in pages ask for both the email address and name.

tickYet my testing shows that asking for both REDUCES opt-ins.

tick So only ask for the email address.

2.4 – Single vs. Double Opt-In

tick Double Opt-Ins require people to sign up on your opt-in page AND click a link in a confirmation email
tickSingle Opt-Ins only require people to enter their email

tickSingle Opt-Ins are simpler, but you may not get the same quality of subscriber
tickDouble Opt-Ins have an extra step, so while the quality of subscriber is better, your list will be smaller

2.5 – The Free Gift

tick Everyone loves something free!

tick Offering a free gift shows you are willing to give away something of value to establish a relationship.
tickA no-risk business relationship, based on consent, is created when subscribers get the free gift.
tickThe best free gift offers a sample of information that provides QUICK RESULTS.
tickYou get to prove that you’re a credible expert whose opinions are worth listening to.
tickAnd after subscribers receive the gift, they know you’ll deliver on your promises.
tickUsing PLR content from a site like plrassassin.com gives you a base to work from with your free reports.
tickUsing a freelancing website, you can get good writers to create your reports for you at an affordable price.
tickSome examples of freelancing websites are…
o Odesk.com
o Elance.com
o Guru.com
o Freelancer.com

2.6 – What to SAY on Your Opt-in Page

tick Compelling copy makes the difference between an opt-in page that converts like crazy and one which falls flat.
tickYour HEADLINE is the most important part of your opt-in page.
tickMake specific benefits into BULLETS that subscribers can skim fast.
tickGenerously use POWER WORDS and NUMBERS.
 Offer something valuable that’s FREE to persuade people to sign up.
tickHave a strong call to action BUTTON to push the subscriber over the edge.
tickPut yourself in your subscriber’s shoes. It will help you write better copy.

2.7 – Exercise: Create Your Opt-In Page

Seven steps to get your opt-in page professionally designed.
• Step 1: Be sure you have a domain name and hosting.
• Step 2: Choose an opt-In page layout.
• Step 3: Write the copy.
• Step 4: Sign up for accounts at freelance sites.
• Step 5: Customize a job posting.
• Step 6: Post the job and choose a freelancer.
• Step 7: Work closely with your freelancer.

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