8-Step-Checklists Step 4

Step 4 Checklist

4.1 Introduction To Autoresponders
tickAutoresponders make managing and mailing your lists A LOT easier.
tickA reliable autoresponder is critical to email marketing success.
tickThe 3 autoresponder services discussed here are GetResponse, iContact and Aweber.

4.2 Get Response
tickGetResponse is my first choice in autoresponder services.

tickYou don’t need to use a credit card to get a trial account for 30 days.
tickGetResponse is feature-rich and is an excellent choice when you’re just starting out.

4.3 iContact
tickiContact can be a good choice for a beginner looking for ease of use.
tickBUT the pricing structure isn’t competitive for larger lists (and your list WILL get larger if you follow through on everything I teach you).
tickiContact can also be unfriendly to certain niches.

tickIf you don’t currently have an autoresponder, we would recommend GetResponse over iContact.

4.4 AWeber
tickAWeber can be a good choice for a beginner looking for ease of use and if you’ve decided on double opt-in.
tickHowever, if you’re in any online marketing or home business niche, I would probably recommend GetResponse over iContact.

4.5 Click Tracking
tickIt’s important to know how many of your subscribers are actually clicking the links in your emails.
tickThe metric that measures this is “Click Through Rate”

tickIt’s better to track unique clicks than raw clicks

tickHyperTracker makes it easy to track unique URLs


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