8-Step-Checklists Step 5

Step 5 Checklist

5.1 The 3 Rules of Email Marketing Strategy
tickEmail your list every day.

tickSend out 3 different types of emails:

  • Relationship building
  • Content
  • Promote Offers(Sales emails)


5.2 Content Emails

tick Great content is WHY your subscribers opted in

tick FREE content with no strings attached builds loyalty and gets clicks
tick Creating great content does not have to be difficult

o Send simple emails: articles, tips, etc.
o Send them over to your blog to get great content
o Send them to other people’s content to build bridges
o Do a few teleseminars or webinars to vary up the content and impress your readers



 5.3 Relationship Emails

tickIt’s important to develop your relationship with your niche.

  • Send videos to give them the face behind the emails
  • Send Facebook/Twitter info so they can follow you on social media
  • Send social proof to show other people like the program
  • Send links to your blog
  • Utilize Google Hangout to meet your customers and show off your expertise

 5.4 Sales/Promotional Emails
tickShort swipe emails: less expensive products or products that don’t need explaining
tickLong swipe emails: higher value products with more money at stake
tickUtilize webinars to suggest great products using my Inboxer Webinar Domination method.

 5.5 Emails to Promote Launches

tickBuild the HYPE

tickRelease bits of information on the product and its creator

tickSend them samples from the creator

tickAttach something of value to buying through you, so they buy directly and ONLY from you!

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