8-Step-Checklists Step 6

Step 6 Checklist

6.1 Stats and Tactics to Increase Your Earnings

tick Good data is the key to making good email marketing decisions.
tickBasic idea: if something is working, expand it. If it’s not working, pull it back.
tickEPC= Earnings per click

tickEPC is a vital number to track. Watch EPCs for YOUR list.

tickHeavily promote offers with high EPC.

tickDon’t be afraid to promote high EPC offers multiple times.

tickPromote the offers the top people in your niche are promoting.
6.2 Monetization and Relationship Building

tickPromoting offers to your list is where you make the big bucks with email marketing.
tick Don’t be afraid to promote GOOD offers to your list.

tickThree keys to good offers:
o Relevant to your list’s needs.
o Is a sweet deal for them.
o Is EASY to take advantage of.
tick Two types of offers you can promote: your own offer or somebody else’s offer (aka an affiliate offer)

6.3 Monetization with Affiliate Programs
tickPromoting affiliate offers is a great way to monetize your list.

tickDifferent types of affiliate offers include CPA and CPL offers.

tickMix it up between CPA and CPL offers. This keeps it fresh.

tickSome affiliate networks require you to apply and get approved before you can promote.

6.4 Offering Your OWN Product

 tickSelling your own product allows you to make more money than just selling other people’s products.
tickIt also enhances your brand.

tickThe key to making an explosive amount of money from your own product is to bring on affiliates.
tickThere are 3 keys to marketing your own product to your niche: the quality of your product, the number of affiliates       and your general marketing strategy.
tickThe more you invest in relationships now, the bigger the payoff later.
tickMake sure you check out the FREE Report from the Empire

tickFormula in the member’s area. It’ll give you even more strategies for promoting your own offers!


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