8-Step-Checklists Step 7

Step 7 Checklist

7.1 Traffic: Time vs. Money

tick You need traffic to have an email marketing business.

tickTraffic leads to subscribers.

tickTo grow your business, you need to invest one of two things: time or money.
tickIt’s a trade off.

tickYou can grow your business by exclusively investing your time… but it will take longer to get going.
tickInvesting money into your business speeds up the process.

 7.2 FREE: Guest Blogging

tick If you don’t know what a blog is by now, you should!

tickEstablish yourself as an expert.

tickContact bloggers who get lots of comments and traffic.
Work with them.
tickLeverage your post – and the relationship – into subscribers!

 7.3 FREE: Forums

tick Find relevant forums in your niche.

tickOver-deliver when you answer questions on the forums.

tickLink your signature file to your opt-in page.

 7.4 FREE: Blog Commenting

tick The faster you comment on blog posts, the better your results will be
tickBlog comments should ELABORATE on the article.

tickYour comment can be constructive or it can disagree, but it should NEVER be super negative.
tickAlways be polite. Remember, you are a guest.

tickInclude the URL to your opt-in page either directly in the blog comment, or in your profile.

 7.5 FREE: Twitter

 tickGet into conversations once in a while

tickProperly use #hashtags

tickMix up the type of tweets using the ¼ Rule

tickStay active: follow and re-tweet

 7.6 FREE: Yahoo! Answers

tick Give great answers. Over deliver!

tickAnswer lots of questions.

tickMake the link to your opt-in flow naturally into your answer.

 7.7 FREE: Craigslist

 tickUse Craigslist discussion boards as you would forums.

tickUse Craigslist small business ads to promote your free gift.

tickBe mindful of the terms of service.

tickPost in multiple cities.

 7.8 FREE: Solo Ad Swaps

 tickSolo ads are when you “rent” somebody’s email list and send their subscribers an email encouraging them to visit your opt-in page.
tickIt’s the most effective method of traffic generation long-term.

tickSolo ad swaps are where the two of you send solo ads to each other’s lists.
tickTo do a solo ad swap, you need a list, which means it’s not ideal for beginners.

 7.9 PAID: Solo Ads

 tickPaid Solo Ads cost money, but they can be a lot faster and get you higher conversions than many free traffic sources.
tickFind the most reputable solo ad sellers in your niche. Ask your network, search directories, and join the Directory of Ezines.

tickWrite a strong ad around your FREE gift.

tickTrack every link in every ad and monitor your costs.

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