8-Step-Checklists Step 8

Step 8 Checklist

 8.1 Metrics to Watch

 tickYou want deliverable emails that create results.

tickThe most important metrics to look at are CTR, Open Rate and EPC
tickIf these metrics aren’t high, reevaluate your strategy

tickWhere did things start going wrong?

tickAre you doing too much of the same or are you too scattershot?

 8.2 Do Fancy Templates Make a Difference?

 tickKeep it Simple, Silly!

tickTemplates with fancy images take away from the message in your emails, reducing effectiveness.
tickImages will not load for most of your list, making them useless anyway.


8.3 Increasing Deliverability and Open Rates

 tickIn your subject lines

  • Avoid spammy terms
  • Don’t use ellipses (…)

    tickIn your emails:

    • Use minimal punctuation
    • Avoid all CAPS
    • Avoid odd colors (black only, blue for links)
    • Don’t use excessive punctuation
    • Ask to get placed in their address book or contacts

 8.4 Copywriting for Better Open Rates and Conversions

tick Copy is extremely important. It’s everything in marketing.

tickPay attention to how you present yourself. Sound like a pro, not a spammer.
tickWork on your copywriting skills OR outsource.

tickAdjust around the metrics.

 8.5 What to Do When It’s Not Working

 tickMix it up! Vary your emails.

tickDon’t send all promos.

tickMake sure content is quality.

tickDon’t buy lists!

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