Discover the 8-Step-Checklists for E-mail Marketing

Step 1 Checklist

1.1 – What Niches Make Money in Email Marketing?

tickOne of the biggest mistakes email marketers make is to select a niche without doing research into whether it is profitable or not.
tickAsk yourself these four questions to select a great email marketing niche.

  • Are there always offers to promote; lots of things to buy?
  • Are customers in this niche known to buy?
  • Can you market to this niche online in a profitable way?
  • Do you like this niche?

1.2 – Ideas for Niches
Here are all the niche ideas that were discussed in Step 1.2
tickWeight Loss


tickFood, Cooking, Healthy Eating

tickGet Your Ex Back/Dating Advice

tickInvesting, Trading, and Personal Finance

tickReal Estate

tickElectronics and Gadgets



tickRelationship advice


tickFinding a job


tickBack pain



tickPanic attacks


tickMusical instruments

tickInvesting in precious metals


tickBinaural beats

tickQuit smoking

tickWine making




1.3 – Research Niches on

tick ClickBank is an excellent tool for niche research.

tickThe gravity score tells you that there are multiple affiliates selling that product.

tickLook for niches on ClickBank with multiple products that have a gravity score above 30.

1.4 – Research Niche on will help you to evaluate how popular a niche is.
tickRemember the 3 key spots to check out on
1.The Front Page
2. The Toolbar
3. The Highest Ranking

tickWhen a niche catches your eye on, remember to ask yourself the four questions for choosing good email marketing niches

tickBe very careful to think about whether YOU would buy products in that niche. And how often. Some niches may be fun to read about, like celebrity gossip. But you’re most likely just buying the gossip – because there aren’t many real products in that niche!

1.5 – Research Niches on will help you to easily research your niche and find offers with good payouts.

tickKey terms: CPA, CPL, Network, Lead

tickResearch your niche by doing a specific search

tickIdentify lead and sales offers in that niche

tickCheck the payouts to get a sense of profitability

tickMake sure there are some low payout, short form offers


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3 thoughts on “Discover the 8-Step-Checklists for E-mail Marketing”

  1. Hi, regarding click-bank – do you have recommendations about improving sales on a non-niche webpage? I have a file sharing website and as such it is extremely to match products to the visitor. regards

    1. Hi Ned, I would like to say thank you for your comment and I do have a recommendation
      for improving sales from your file sharing website.

      First think of file sharing as it’s own niche and follow this simple plan to promote
      your file sharing website in such a way as to stand out from all other file sharing websites.

      This simple plan will teach you how to improve your message to market match (visitors to products),
      and understand how you can repeat the process over again, the best part is there’s no cost for this simple plan.

      Here’s what you need to do, go to this website and sign up for the free training, you can thank me later.
      Have a great day.

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