Big Book Of Self-Help Tips

ecover-smallWe all want to succeed in life.
And though success does not come on a silver platter,
it is still what everybody wants.

This is why people get up in the morning to
work and drag their body back to bed at night.

So why not face it with a more realistic approach?

Escape or not, reading this Big Book Of Self-Help Tips
will actually get you somewhere.

Inside you will find at least 200 tips
that you can use to improve your life
and prosper at whatever you intend to do.
Or when getting by is all you need.

There may be Tip’s and advice included in this book
that you have already heard before but never regarded
it to be true only this time,
you need to read it for yourself
for it to register.

The sweet road to success is a path well taken,
why not journey there yourself?

the 8 Step Checklist

What you will find in the 8 Step Checklist starts with

Step 1 Checklist:

  • What Niches Make Money in Email Marketing
  • Ideas for Niches
  • Research Niches on

Step 2 Checklist:

  • What is an Opt-In Page
  • Opt-In Page Design
  • The Free Gift

Step 3 Checklist:

Step 4 Checklist:

  • Autoresponders

Sorry but there’s to much to add to this email.

To read or download ALL of the 8 Step Checklist


Viral Software Pack

searchengine_sSearch Engine Detector offers a simple way to detect spider visits, automatically notifying you by email that a spider has visited.



testimonial_sWeb Testimonial Express
Testimonials provide credibility to your business, by showing that other people have bought your products or services before – and are happy with the results.

Indeed adding a few high quality testimonials to a sales page can, in some cases, as much as double the profits generated from the same level of traffic.



It’s a simple script that sends visitors to a web address chosen from a set of web addresses that you specify.

It doesn’t matter if you have one partner or twenty. The script will equally split the visitors between all the websites.



Becoming A Entrepreneur Right Now

learn how to set goals now for tomorrow's benefit
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Boating Secrets Uncovered PLR/MRR

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Boating Secrets Uncovered
Boating Secrets Uncovered PLR/MRR

The Seventeen Method


The Seventeen Method

I found this PLR product that gives me a better understanding
about Email Marketing and I thought I would Share this information with you.