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Why Do We Procrastinate?

We don’t do what we want to because we are afraid of failure that’s why we call it procrastination, it’s based on fear.

For example:
An aspiring musician knows that in order to be as good as their favorite musicians, they need to put in an hours of practice every single day.
They might start practicing two or three hours a day for the first few weeks, but they quickly see that it takes more than a few weeks practicing to become as good as their favorite musician.

Thoughts of fear seep into there minds and for some, practice time  eventually gets shorter, less frequent, or they stop practicing entirely.

Some of us procrastinate because we are simply feeling lazy. It is a lot of work to accomplish something great.
Laziness might not be the sole reason that we don’t accomplish our goals, but it does factor into our procrastination.

Do we ever have enough time to actually complete everything on our to do list all at once, without  distractions, breaks or extra tasks, we would probably  finish our to do list in as little as three or four hours depending how much there was to do, then have the rest of the day to your self.

Schedule and management can help you address the issue of procrastination, and teach you how to plan effectively and stick to your plan.

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